Megazorb Animal Bedding 85 Litres

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Product Description

Megazorb Bedding is a horse and general animal bedding made from virgin wood pulp. It is ultra absorbent, 10 x more absorbent than straw and 4 x more absorbent than shavings.
Being dried at 500C Megazorb is dust extracted and sterile as mould, spores and bacteria are destroyed. Megazorb absorbs odours, it is biodegradable therefore environmentally friendly.
Megazorb bedding is economical as once the bed is down there is little upkeep and is ideal for rubber matting. Megazorb comes in an 85 litre bag.
MEGAZORB is a highly absorbent horse bedding that is produced from virgin wood pulp, a by product of the papermaking industry.
Biodegradable and super absorbent, this product will drastically reduce the time and cost of mucking out and the size of the muck heap. Plus it’s easy on the environment too.
The wood pulp is high temperature dried to kill any mould or spores then dust extracted twice, making it the ideal choice for horses with respiratory problems.


  • Ultra absorbent
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Double dust extracted
  • Fresher stable
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